As a cyclist, it is likely that at some point you have considered buying a bicycle basket. It is the most comfortable way to carry those everyday objects that have a difficult location when getting on the bike: the bag, the padlock, the wallet, the computer or the mobile. Another point in favor of the basket is that you will also have your belongings always under control while you move.

But choosing a bicycle basket is not that simple. In the market we find infinite options: different materials, shapes, support, prices...

Next we are going to talk about the main types of bicycle baskets. Each of them has its own characteristics that make it optimal for one use or another:


Wicker baskets have been used since ancient times and have never been out of production. The key is in the characteristics of this plant-based material:

- Flexible

- Very resistant

- Light

This makes wicker the perfect material for making instruments that serve as a load support.

These virtues can be applied to bicycle baskets made of wicker, and aesthetically they are undoubtedly the most appropriate, bicycle baskets for rides or retro aesthetics are usually made of this material.

On the other hand, the wicker presents a great resistance to humidity and water, another advantage if we take into account that the use of the stops for bikes is fundamentally outdoors. Even so, when buying your wicker basket, check that it has received some type of anti-humidity treatment. You will avoid the appearance of fungi or premature deterioration.

Victoria baskets, made in Indonesia by hand, have an anti-humidity treatment that is respectful of the environment and local traditions.

The basket makers submerge the baskets in mud for three months, which gives them extraordinary anti-humidity characteristics and unique aesthetic features in each basket (no two baskets are the same).


Another very common option is metal bicycle baskets. They are usually mesh to lighten their weight. They are usually very affordable. But they are also less durable. They tend to rust with use, or although they are painted in colors, the paint chips more or less quickly depending on use.

There are aluminum options that avoid this problem and are also lighter, although their price is usually higher.


These drawers are usually used in the rear (rack) although with a fastening system (basket rack, front rack pj) we can also place them in the front of the bike.

The wooden drawers are practical and allow us to carry heavier cargo than the baskets (if they are hanging from the handlebars). There is also quite a variety of price according to its characteristics.

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