the good work

At VICTORIA we manufacture wicker items of the best quality in artisan suppliers that comply with rigorous quality controls for materials and employment policies.


The wicker comes from sustainable plantations in Indonesia and is subjected to a natural curing process, immersing the wicker cane for two months in mud, which gives it a highly resistant natural finish without having to use varnishes or chemical products. This achieves excellent resistance to moisture and the passage of time.

Through the handmade manufacture of the baskets we contribute to craftsmanship, good work and we continue with an ancient tradition of weaving and drying wicker in Indonesia.


VICTORIA is a brand that supports groups of women in disadvantaged situations in Indonesia through producers in the region, strongly committed to the values ​​of social responsibility and environmentally friendly materials and technologies. The accessories and complements are manufactured with functionality and daily and intensive use in mind, as well as taking into account the long-term durability of the product.

The result is a product that improves over time.