who is victoria

VICTORIA is a Spanish brand that began by manufacturing and marketing vintage-inspired bike accessories with high aesthetic value and paying close attention to design, functionality, quality, and detailed finishes for Biciclasica.com.

Years later, Victoria Baskets is created to sell the flagship product: sustainable wicker baskets made in Indonesia using a traditional braiding and drying process.

VICTORIA brand retro-style bicycle accessories are made with strong social responsibility values ​​and environmentally friendly materials and technologies in mind. The result is a range of unique and original bicycle accessories.

Behind VICTORIA, there is Nina, who fell in love in 2010 with the handmade process of weaving baskets in Indonesia. The love and tradition put into each hand-woven basket led me to launch the Victoria project in 2022, after finding basket makers in Ghana who put as much effort into each grass basket as the one I had seen in Indonesia.