Los consejos de Victoria para decorar con cestas

Victoria's tips for decorating with baskets

Wicker baskets are an excellent option for decorating the home due to their natural beauty and their ability to add a rustic and cozy touch to any space. Here are some decoration tips with wicker baskets or our Bolga baskets made with elephant grass:

Storage: One of the most common ways to use wicker baskets is for storage. Use larger baskets to store blankets, pillows, magazines, or toys, and place them in the living room, bedroom, or playroom. Place it on a shelf or on the floor, next to the sofa and you will see the colorful touch that they give to the home.

Plants : Wicker baskets are an excellent option for placing plants and pots in the home. Larger wicker baskets can hold large plants and small trees, while smaller baskets can hold herb pots or hanging plants. Place the baskets in strategic places, such as in the window or next to the fireplace and you will see what life they give to your plants.

Wall decoration: Use wicker baskets as part of the wall decoration. Place baskets of different sizes and shapes on an empty wall to create an interesting visual effect. Another option is to hang wicker baskets on the wall and use them as shelves for small books or decorative objects. All our baskets come with semi-leather straps for anchoring, so it will be more than easy for you to place them anywhere.

decorating ideas with baskets
Table decoration: Wicker baskets can also be used as part of the table decoration. Use smaller baskets to hold kitchen utensils or napkins, or place a larger basket in the center of the table as part of a candle, flower, or fruit table setting. Look how good it looks as a fruit bowl!

ideas to decorate with wicker baskets

Outdoor decoration: Wicker baskets are perfect for decorating the outside of the house. Use large baskets to contain plants and flowers on the porch or patio, or to store gardening tools. You can also use smaller baskets to hang on the door as part of a seasonal decoration. As you can see, we all love baskets, look how happy Google is with its baskets in the sun.

decoration with baskets

Remember that wicker baskets are very versatile and can be used in many different places in the home. Experiment with different basket shapes and sizes to find the perfect combination that suits your personal needs and tastes. If you have furniture in more neutral colors, dare with a touch of color with our Bolga baskets!

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