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Why add a basket to your bike?

The bicycle basket is perfect both in your day-to-day and for sporadic use. They are an essential accessory to carry a light load. They are especially useful for carrying your bag, lock or laptop. Another advantage of the basket is that you have control over the load throughout the journey.

Aesthetically they can be a success for your bike, wicker baskets for bicycles are perfect with classic or retro aesthetics.

Another option is the metal bicycle basket. In this case, keep in mind that they deteriorate more quickly as it is a metal product for outdoor use.

If you are thinking of buying a basket you will find infinite options, below we try to make it easier for you to choose:


For us it is, without a doubt, the best option. Wicker is a natural fiber obtained from a shrub in the willow family. Its fundamental characteristics are flexibility, lightness and resistance , which has made it an ally for man since ancient times. For centuries it has been used to make furniture, instruments, baskets...

The basketry is fundamentally developed with wicker since this material allows the transport of heavy material (it is very resistant) and it is easy to weave and mold.

Wicker bicycle baskets, apart from their resistance to weight, have the great advantage of their ability to resist humidity. In addition, this material allows the coating with waterproof materials that make it resistant to any climate.

Victoria wicker baskets made in Indonesia are handcrafted and waterproofed in a completely natural way by immersing the baskets in mud for three months. If you have a touring bike (or a classic or retro bike) and you want a durable basket, this is your best option.


The metal baskets for bicycles are usually mesh, and are attached to the handlebars with metal hooks. Being a product for outdoor use and subjected to inclement weather, they often end up showing rust in the most exposed parts.

Some brands have developed aluminum baskets that avoid this problem and at the same time are lighter. A good example is the Hoxton basket from the Brooks brand that combines aluminum with wood in the base and carrying handle.


You can also find baskets for plastic bikes, in general they are not very resistant, and low cost.

In wood it is more common to find drawers for the back or combine wood with wicker or metal for baskets.